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"Somehow, an adult made this."
--slowbeef on ShadowHalo45.

Slowbeef, usually stylized as slowbeef, is one half of the Retsupurae duo. He is usually the more serious between himself and Diabetus. He lives in New Jersey, but however does not like the Jersey Shore (the show). Slowbeef is known as the Bad Boy of Retsupurae, and is the Jack of Darkseed II of Retsupurae.

He is often seen as the more outspoken and reactive of the duo, Slowbeef is known for playing a perfect comic foil to Betus's more laid back and casual stance. In the early days of Retsupurae, he showed an almost insane resentment of especially annoying commentators, particularly those who were defacing his personal favorites (see Contra 3).

Let's PlayEdit

He is credited for starting the trend of Video Let's Play, starting with his videos of The Immortal in 2007. After Let's Play became a larger deal on the Video Games forum on SomethingAwful, a new sub-board was made for Let's Play, and he was granted the title of co-moderator along with Zorak. He later did Let's Plays of the Dead to Rights series, the Metroid Prime series, and Dark Seed II, until he started doing Retsupurae.

Since Retsupurae became widely popular, he since has devoted more time to them as opposed to Let's Play, and as such has not produced any actual "Let Us Plays". He has stated before that he has interested in doing a Let's Play of Policenauts, however. He has, however, started to stream his gaming experiences via, most notably Dark Souls. He has since then also streamed other games such as Cave Story and Spelunky. He has also since stepped down as moderator of the LP board on SA.

Since completing his playthrough of Policenauts, slowbeef's dark and eldritch might has grown dramatically.