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Rocknight (commonly referred to as "Rock Knight" or "Rockknight") is a NPC in "The Space Adventure - Cobra: The Legendary Bandit", which was released on the PC-Engine and the Sega CD. Rocknight is a rock GOD.

Rockers From HellEdit

Rocknight is first encountered around the same time as Parrot Grass , in a ruined hut, jamming with his band whom Cobra referred to as "Rockers from hell!" (although the band is apparently a Christian group). The band consists of four members, three of whom are guitarists. Names are never given to the members except for Rocknight who refers to himself as such, and Honey. The other two members are not interactable.

The band is visited one more time later albeit not as 'jammin'.

Powers & Abilities Edit


Rock is not dead!

Aside from being a god of rock, Rock Knight can do just about everything. He's effectively immortal, as he was able to take five and rest while the ruined hut was on fire and live. It's also possible that he can set places on fire if he rocks out too hard (It's possible that he might have accidentally caused the hut fire because of this). Rock Knight is also the only character that cannot be defeated by Cobra, even if he were to use the Soul Attack from his Psycogun. If Cobra were to run into Rock Knight as an opponent during the game, it would be over, as no one can defeat Rock Knight.

Another thing to note is that whatever Cobra can do, Rock Knight can do 100 times better. One example is that Rock Knight was able to find the batteries for his ship in mere minutes.

References In Later VideosEdit

The character quickly became liked by slowbeef and Diabetus and was referenced in numerous other videos:

  • During the wrongpurae for King's Quest VI, slowbeef refers to the skull mountain in the Land of the Dead as "Rocknight's Rockin' Condo".
  • During Retsufrash: In Meet n Fuck Kingdom, they refence it, when the censored tits comes, with rockknight as the censor.

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