"It's a livin'!"
--Ridley, 2010

The Ridley Voice is a staple of RP and even Slowbeef's Let's Plays. It sounds like a loud, screechy Joisey accent. His catchprases are a loud AAAH similar to his voice-over in Metroid Prime, and "Still Fallin'!", in reference to his month-long fall. It isn't limited to Ridley, however. Raptors and other reptillian creatures have also sported this voice.

The Ridley Voice also represents the whole character of Ridley himself. Ridley is a forum troll, Final Fantasy VI fan, mall cop, train engineer and enthusiast, sitcom star, overworked voice actor, rock collector, owner of his own hotel/resort/casino, guest commentator Vicas's boss, General Ironicus' fiance and finally Ferr's grandmother.

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