"Super duper highschoolers? That guy's in his 40's!"
--Lowtax on Dangan Ronpa.

Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka, or just Lowtax, is one of the OGs of Retsupurae. He is the founder of Something Awful, and is the mayor of the internet. He is known to be capable of 5th level arcane spellcasting, and deals extra damage with blunt weapons. He cannot be surprised by anyone younger than 50 years old.

Let's PlaysEdit

When Slowbeef started the Let's Play trend on SA, he befriended him and guested in a few RPs. He originally found Let's Plays "dumb as shit", comparing them to being at a friends house and never getting to actually play the game, yet has since changed his mind because there's more money in Let's Plays than mangosteens. He currently plays "gaming garbage" with Shmorky Lauren some asian guy Lauroon NOPE B&HAMMER DROPED BY THE TUBES Jonathan. With Retsupurae, he is known for Phantasmagoria, Ripper (incomplete), and the short-lived Dangan Ronpa RP.

Retsupurae ListEdit

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