This episode was number 45 of Retsutalk. It was also the first Dungeonworld/tabletop RPG session episode. The game's DM was 100 HOGS AGREE. The episode is also the longest episode yet, at 2:45:45.

Hero Class Player Look Background
Romero Human Fighter slowbeef Eager eyes, shorn hair, tan skin, built body. Washed up celebrity, akin to The Situation or other Jersey Shore cast members.
Bohan Human Mage Diabetus Crazy eyes, wild hair, strange robes, thin body. Spell focus is The Dragon, enjoys fire and reckless destruction.
Carl Human Theif Chip Cheezum Criminal eyes, hooded head, common clothes, flabby body. Changed to a thief after his used scroll shop went poorly.
Samuel Salazar, Swordsman of the Sierra Human Dashing Hero General Ironicus Bright eyes, fashionable hat, functionable clothes, and toned body. His first adventure but desperate to make sure no one finds out.

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