Episode 1: Retsutalk: Pilot

Episode 2: Retsutalk: The Breaking Bad of Podcasts

Episode 3: Retsutalk: Sidekick Chat

Episode 3.5: Retsutalk: Sidekickstarter

Episode 4: Retsutalk: Chill Cam

Episode 5: Retsutalk: Weed Fighter

Episode 6: Retsutalk: North vs South vs East vs West

Episode 7: Retsutalk: Tweeter Time

Episode 8: Retsutalk: Fixed in Post

Episode 9: Retsutalk: Junker Endorsed

Episode 10: Retsutalk: Chain Reaction

Episode 11: Retsutalk: Breaking News!

Episode 12: Retsutalk: The Real Podcast Starts Here

Episode 13: Retsutalk: Goat Insemination

Episode 14: Retsutalk: Virtue's Laos-y Reward

Episode 15: Retsutalk: Extra, Extra, Yamana Crowned King of Losers!

Episode 16: Retsutalk: Super High School Level LPer Orenronen's Extracurricular Lesson

Episode 17: Retsutalk: February Frenzy

Episode 18: Retsutalk: Pre-PAX Pow-wow

Episode 19: Retsutalk: Post-pre-PAX pre-PAX

Episode 20: Retsutalk: PAX Day 1 Recap

Episode 21: Retsutalk: PAX Day 2 Recap

Episode 22: Retsutalk: I have no Mouth and I must Podcast

Episode 23: Retsutalk: Et Tu, C2E2?

Episode 24: Retsutalk: Nintend'oh

Episode 25: Retsutalk: Reboot

Episode 26: Retsutalk: ATB (Active Time Banter)

Episode 27: Retsutalk: Live From Twitch

Episode 28: Retsutalk: Podcastlike

Episode 29: Retsutalk: Live From Twitch II

Episode 30: Retsutalk: Podcast Tasting Menu

Episode 31: Retsutalk: Tweeter Time

Episode 32: Retsutalk: YouTube's Got Talent

Episode 33: Retsutalk: The Audacity of Hoping to Sound Better

Episode 34: Retsutalk: Buttfarts

Episode 35: Retsutalk: DSP? BYE

Episode 36: Retsutalk: Northernlion is Full of Shit

Episode 37: Retsutalk: Moderate Punctuation

Episode 38: Retsutalk: Catch Up

Episode 39: Retsutalk: supergreatpodcast

Episode 40: Retsutalk: Unconventional

Episode 41: Retsutalk: Trophy Trapper

Episode 42: Retsutalk: Next Gen LP

Episode 43: Retsutalk: Glover Plus

Episode 44: Retsutalk: Claims, Games, and Auto Content ID Matches

Episode 45: Retsutalk: Roll 2d6 + Podcast Modifier

Episode 46: Retsutalk: 2013 Wrap Up

Episode 46.5: Retsutalk: 2013 Wrap Up II

Episode 47: Retsutalk: Âmes Sombre

Episode 48: Retsutalk: Two New Friends Chat

Episode 49: Retsutalk: FUNgeon World

Episode 50: Retsutalk: Uninstall Mods

Episode 51: Retsutalk: Crush™ Other Sagas©

Episode 52: Dork Souls, Two

Episode 53: Twitch Plays, GOX Pays

Episode 54: Three Good Acquaintances

Episode 55: Podiumcast

Episode 56: Volgarr the Viking Strategy Guide

Episode 57: PAX 2014 Day 0 Recap

Episode 58: PAX 2014 Nonary Game Podcast

Episode 59: PAX Day 2 Roundabout(

Episode 60: We Like Eike

Episode 61: Live and Late!

Episode 62: Southern Fried E3

Episode 63: RTX Day 0 Recap

Episode 64: RTX Recap Day 1

Episode 65: Silent Hill Revelations

Episode 66: Plans? Panels? Podcast! (also Shmups)

Episode 67: Re-reboot

Episode 68: Dad Games

Episode 69: Nice

Episode 70: What's An Update Schedule?

Episode 71: Pax East 2015 Day 0

Episode 72: Pax East 2015 Day 1 & 2 Recap

Episode 73: Binding of Beef

Episode 74: Live from Twitch III

Episode 75: Summer Games Recap Done Quick

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