"Polly want a stamen?"

Parrot Grass is a memorable NPC from "The Space Adventure - Cobra: The Legendary Bandit", which was released on the PC-Engine and the Sega CD.

Background InfoEdit

Parrot Grass is an odd plant/bird hybird that's first encountered (during the RP) in the hut of Dr. Light on the planet Sid, shortly after encountering another memorable immortal character (Rocknight). In terms of the overall plot, Parrot Grass plays very little in its development.

The "Parrot Grass License"Edit


The most memorable "appearance" of Parrot Grass comes near the end of the game when Cobra's pilot, Lady, hints the possibility of a spy being brought onboard their ship. Cobra locates "Parrot Grass" in one of the back rooms and figures out its an imposter. The spy reveals its true form for just a second (literally) before Cobra annihilates it as it attempts to introduce itself.

Keep going down...



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