"That was a great teleport there Mario!"
--ElectricalBeast writing his ultimate fanfic.

ElectricalBeast, aka the Jolteon of Let's Plays, is one of RP's earliest victims, and star of some of the most commonly known videos on the channel. He is an extremely British and chipper person, and is known to add elements like fan-fiction, time travel and teleportation to his videos.

Let's PlayEdit

His first and best-known Let's Play was of Super Mario 64. The series was over 60 parts long, and took over 2 years to complete! Well actually, he had computer issues after the penultimate episode in April 2008, and he didn't finish the series until Christmas of 2010, as a gift to his fans. He is currently doing a Let's Play of Minecraft, as well as a Zombie Survival mod for Minecraft Classic. In 2011 he did a Let's Play of Super Mario Crossover. He has also shown interest in doing Let's Plays of Super Mario Sunshine and Runescape.


Slowbeef and Diabetus have RPed multiple ElectricalBeast videos, (for example an extremely odd one on Tick-Tock Clock) poking fun at how he adds strange ideas like teleporting and time machines into his videos, as well as the fact that he is the most British person they've ever heard. However, they do say that he is one of their favorite LPers that they've Retsupuraed, along with BillyMC and MuscleBomber2021.