"Hello, I'm Diabetus. I have diabetes. There is nothing you should know before viewing this channel."
--Diabetus' introduction.

Diabetus is the good boy of the Retsupurae duo. He gets his name due to the fact that he has, surprisingly, diabetes. Diabetus also hails from Alabama, where he uses the only internet connection for miles to be a good boy. Diabetus is also famous for being the only former President to be involved in the Let's Play community, given that Diabetus is a stage name for Former President William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton.

Where Slowbeef is quicker to anger at the more irritating sides of commentators, Diabetus is more known to think up satirical gags relating to the character or LPer in question. Giving birth to many of the more well known Retsupurae tropes.

In addition, Diabetus is confirmed to be real by Slowbeef's Wife.

Let's PlayEdit

Betus often co-stars in slowbeef's Let's Plays, but he has done some on his own as well. His Let's Play credentials include Battletoads, Captain Novolin, and Metroid Fusion. He has recently completed a Super Mario Galaxy 2 Let's Play, which he admits is the LP he is most proud of.

Good Boy DeedsEdit

Diabetus is often considered as a "Good Boy" due to him being one. In fact, he's such a good boy that we've compiled a list of his Good Boy Deeds:

In his Good Boy Good Life, Diabetus has:

  • Helped TieTuesday get a ride from the airport when he had no signal.
  • Helped me with my maths homework.
  • Been a Good Boy.
  • Helped a boy beat Battletoads.
  • Helped people hook up on by giving their adverts a shout out on Retsutalk.
  • Gave that amazing reaction to the head explosion in Darkseed II, effectively curing cancer.
  • Did not enact vengeance on TieTuesday when the latter declared himself to be "The Diabest."
  • Rescued a tree from a kitten.

Unverified Facts Edit

  • It is unknown whether or not Diabetus has ever made a pun regarding Mario's face.

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