--Crab, 1-2013 CE.

DeceasedCrab is one of the earliest people to try Let's Play. He was a frequent poster on SA, playing many indie PC games to host on YouTube.


He was the recipient of his own RP for having countless catchprases and things. The RP was special in that, when Slowbeef and Diabetus were commentating over the video, they lampshade that you could watch any of his videos, and their commentary would still make sense. They actually were not even watching a video at the time, and added the video afterwards.

Let's PlayEdit

DC has played many, many games. His most notables ones are La-Mulana (Three times; twice the original and once of the remake), Nifflas games like Within a Deep Forest and all 3 Knytt games, and the Chzo Mythos series.

In Battle Edit

DeceasedCrab resists most elements in addition to his already high Magic Defense. He also frequently counters with Auto-Reflect, leaving magic a poor option unless you're capable of casting Meteor. A diplomatic solution is universally preferable.