"Dave_O is a chill energy samurai temporarily residing within a human body. His voice is pretty low."
--Dave's introduction.

Dave_O, known worldwide as Vincent Price, is an early guest on Retsupurae and recurring guest on Retsutalk. He is well known for his calm, soothing voice, sounding high, and for turning legs of both sexes to jelly. He currently resides in Oregon, previously living in Kentucky and California.


Along with people like Scarboy and Proteus4994, Mr. Price was an early adopter of Retsupurae. Also like the aforementioned, he disappeared from Retsupurae videos. But from June to September 2012, made a reappearance in some Retsutalk episodes, and some Retsuflash videos.

Let's PlaysEdit

Dave_O was featured in Golgo 13, a Worms Armageddon tournament, Jeopardy, guested on Diabetus' Mario Galaxy 2 LP, and is currently doing a Minecraft LP. He still LPs on his own channel, and streams on Twitch.

Retsupurae ListEdit

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