Blood whistle

Crappy Pasta, also known as Slowbeef's House of Horror, is a series in which Slowbeef read bad video game-based creepypastas. He tends to read them or a livestream, or by himself with a scarecam. The creepypastas shown tend to involve similar elements.

Crappy Pasta ChecklistEdit

  • Author thinks the game is hacked.
  • Author is scared but keeps playing.
  • Author has nightmares because of game.
  • Author unnecessarily explains game mechanics.
  • Author cries or vomits.
  • Author knows exact increments of time.
  • Author purchases game from garage sale.
  • Author gets game from friend.
  • Author sympathises with game characters.
  • Author destroys game afterwards.
  • Author is a fanatic about the game series.
  • Author ends in killing himself.
  • Game has hyper-realistic blood.
  • Game knows author's name.
  • Game has graphics beyond system limitations.
  • Game is haunted by a demon/ghost.
  • Game's label is hand-written.
  • Game has backwards music.