"And remember, don't RP the LP!"
--Billy's catchphrase.

BillyMC, famous billionaire and philanthropist, is a let's player known for his childlike enthusiasm and his perseverance at Mario games. He has also paired up to do duo-LPs with TheLimePopsicle.

Let's PlayEdit

Billy has done Let's Plays of many games, his most well-known arguably being Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels. He has also done notable LPs of Ninja Gaiden, The Karate Kid, and Double Dare. He also did Let's Plays guest-starring TheLimePopsicle, an accomplished singer, on Mario Bros and Pinball (NES).


Retsupurae riffed on his videos of SMB: Lost Levels far back in 2008; The LP itself was a year old at that point. It was one of the original RPs, uploaded to youtube with nothing but the title billy1. He was portrayed as a adult, still with a paper route, but was a failure to his parents as he couldn't even complete a Mario game. They kept him locked up in a basement so he could finish one, and record proof in LP form. His parents liked his brother more, JacobMC, who was good at Mario, completed multiple LPs, and registered Hypercam 2. He was looked down upon to the point where they would give Billy a Big Mac as a Christmas gift.

Death and ReturnEdit

In September 2011, Billy announced that he would quit LP, after 4 years of it. He then decided to do one last LP: Abobo's Big Adventure. Eventually he gave in and started doing LP again in April of 2012. However, he made a triumphant return in 2014, albeit not in Let's Plays, of uploading two new series called Tasty Tuesdays where he reviews food, and the Game In Hand, where he reviews handheld games.

Video ListEdit

See also: BillyMC/List

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